Brain development, through an age old instrument ‘ABACUS’ a proven method of teaching mental Arithmetic. Children can solve Arithmetic problems much faster, which is not acquired even after many years of schooling. Children can solve such problems in few seconds even faster than calculator.

U C MAS not only improve arithmetic skill but also is a whole brain development programme. ABACUS training helps in the improvement of 7 intelligence of the human brain. U C MAS improves your child’s learning speed and accuracy. Child will experience achievement and success from day one, giving them self-belief to progress. Enables children to develop independent learning skills, progressing through their own efforts, and reaping their own rewards, all within a stipulated period. Together we can work to give your child the best chance of succeeding in school and adult life.  Many people often assume that learning mental arithmetic is merely a method to improve the speed and accuracy of calculations but there is more, because when the children are learning U C MAS Mental Arithmetic they are actually undergoing a process of developing other aspects of the mind. When the children have acquired an astonishing calculation speed, it shows their skills are actually only the end result of having developed mental abilities like: - concentration, memory, creativity, observation, visualization & imagination and thinking power.