(Universal concept of Mental arithmetic system)


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U C MAS -The pioneer and leading organisation in Abacus Mental arithmetic education was established in 1993 in Malaysia. Since then the success of this unique instructional method in teaching mental arithmetic has spread rapidly to more than 50 countries across the world and is now training millions of children between the age group of 4 to 12 years.

U C MAS trains children in abacus mental arithmetic through a series of 10 structured levels, where the lessons are taught in a play-way method, easy to understand and can be worked independently even by a 4-year-old child. Within few months of U C MAS training students can solve arithmetic calculations mentally and with accuracy in few seconds, even faster than the calculator, which cannot be acquired even after 10 years of schooling.  At a fixed duration (approximately 3-months / 12-weeks per Level), with simple assessments any child can move on to next Levels, which enable them to complete the entire course (10 Levels) successfully without repetition.

The basic function of U C MAS Abacus Mental arithmetic is to turn the numeric concept from abstract into visible, touchable and moveable beads. This unique educational approach, improves students from their very basic knowledge of numbers to the mastery of mental arithmetic.

In this technique, ‘beads interpretation’ is a process of turning the abstract numeric concept into beads, whilst ‘Number transformation’ is a process where the image of beads is transformed into numbers.

When the child has acquired an astonishing calculation speed, it is the result of having developed mental abilities like concentration, observation, visualization & imagination and memory.

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